Can I Write?

“Hey! I want you to help me write something.”

Well! Have you written anything before?

“No. I always find it very difficult to present an idea on a piece of paper.”

Oh! That’s quite natural indeed. But before I come to writing, can you please confirm it that you can drive a bike?

“Yes. Infact, I drive on daily basis and now it has become very usual to me.

That’s good. But why everything from starting the bike to applying brakes happens in a succession, and you don’t even think of them before doing any such action? Because your body automatically adjusts to the situation, and you can drive anywhere at anytime under normal conditions.

Yes. I agree. But what’s the point behind this?

You see. Writing itself is a skill same as driving which takes both time and practice to master it.

Oh! That’s interesting. But can I write anything in any way I like?

Yes. You can. But make sure you are familiar with the specifications of bike, traffic rules, and most importantly the path you are driving at.

“Sorry! I am talking about the writing actually not the driving.”

Infact, me too.


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